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Pastor’s Corner – July/August

Pastor Wenndt has now posted his “Pastor’s Corner” for July and August.  It is entitled, “The Family of Faith”.  Amongst some humorous glimpses of how family is viewed by some, he reminds us of how God established family, and for very special purposes.

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‘Colloquized’ – what sort of title is that?  Is that even a word?  (and my favorite Lutheran question…) “What does that mean?” As you look at my one-word title, those must be the kinds of questions you are asking. It is, or rather was a word out of our church body. It has since been […]

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New Pastor’s Corner for June

Pastor Wenndt’s June “Corner” is an emotional look at a special program of educating Lutheran school teachers, and how it impacted his life, especially in the last several days.   Go to the link on our webpage for “Pastor’s Corner” and read the article ‘Colloquized’.

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On May 24th, we will both begin our new Summer worship schedule as well as begin the second half of the church year (known as the “Life of the Church”) with a special Pentecost Mission Festival. Our guest speaker will be the Rev. Hiruy Bereket Gebremichael.  Rev. Gebremichael was ordained as an LC-MS pastor in […]

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Trivial Pursuit - FINAL

What Do We Really Know?

Volume 1 • Issue III | 2015 Friends, let’s take a few small quizzes on some various topics and see how you do. For each set, match the letter in one column with the number in the other. The answers will be at the end: MATH: 1.  5 x 2                     A.  7 2.  5 + […]

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