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Pastor’s Corner – September 2015

“WHEN DO WE SAY ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?’  AND THEN WHAT??”      The headlines the last several days have overwhelmed us with tragedy. Two young people working for a Virginia news channel, doing a typical “morning news story” are gunned down by a disgruntled former worker. Theatres in various locations in our country, trains in […]

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Family Image C 2015

The Family of Faith

Volume 1 • Issue V | 2015 With recent rulings by various courts on marriage and other matters, the whole question of, “What Is a Family?” has garnered a lot of attention.  Among the many definitions to be found in dictionaries and other sources, this one is typical: “The basic unit in society traditionally consisting […]

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‘Colloquized’ – what sort of title is that?  Is that even a word?  (and my favorite Lutheran question…) “What does that mean?” As you look at my one-word title, those must be the kinds of questions you are asking. It is, or rather was a word out of our church body. It has since been […]

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Trivial Pursuit - FINAL

What Do We Really Know?

Volume 1 • Issue III | 2015 Friends, let’s take a few small quizzes on some various topics and see how you do. For each set, match the letter in one column with the number in the other. The answers will be at the end: MATH: 1.  5 x 2                     A.  7 2.  5 + […]

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The Best View

Volume 1 • Issue II | 2015 How many of you got to go to “Chasco Fiesta”?  Even if you’ve lived here for a long time, and are starting to feel a certain sameness in it, year in and year out, it is still fun to attend.  And if you were like me, getting to […]

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