All Ministries of Faith Lutheran Church Closed Through April 1st

We have now received the new update and government recommendation that changes everything we had been both thinking about and working towards in the next couple of weeks.
It strongly suggests limits of social gatherings to 10 people, rather than 50.  So based on this new information, and with an additional recommendation by the government that all non-essential travel be curtailed, the leadership of Faith Lutheran Church has approved the following:
  • That (with regret,) the services, gatherings and board and committee meetings of the church be cancelled through Wednesday, April 1st;
  • That an on-line resource be developed for those with internet access to continue to receive worship via streaming; and those without such capabilities to have a printed version of the themes, messages, lessons and prayers to be delivered or mailed to them (and obviously that this becomes one of the top priorities of Pastor Wenndt, utilizing needed tech people and resources as necessary);
  • That the Food Bank be closed through at least Friday, April 3rd;
  • That the business and preparatory aspects of the church ministries (carried out by the Pastor, secretaries, financial people and others) be allowed to continue so long as face-to-face contact is limited as much as possible between the various parties;
  • That resources be sent out showing how members can continue contributions during this time, since there is still a need to “keep the lights on”, even if they won’t be used all that much for a bit now;
  • That every means of communicating such information to ALL of our members becomes our top priority, and that keeping the people “in-touch” with the church become one of our chief goals during the time of closing, especially if this should go beyond the two weeks;
  • That each of us prioritize ourselves to be committed to prayer during this time, and when opportunities to connect with other members arise (as in telephone calls, etc.), that this be a central part of our conversations.
The policy is being re-visited by the government on the last day of the month. 
I must admit to some disappointment that it has gone to this length.  I was hoping to find some way to keep us connected in-person to Word and Sacrament, since, in the face of all we are losing, this could be a bright light in the midst of a troubled darkness.
But we will support our government officials at the national, state, county and local levels, as well as pray for them also, and await what the next set of guidelines will be.
We will update this site and information as we receive more.  Be looking for information about worship and spiritual resources in the meantime.  May God’s presence and blessings be with all of us during this time.
Rev.  Thomas  R.  Wenndt  –  Pastor
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