Sunday School

Come join us!

Come learn about God’s word and love; with some really great stories from a wonderful teaching staff.

Class Groups:

  • Pre-school 3-5, our Little Lambs
  • Grades 1-3, Jesus Helpers
  • Grades 4-6, Beautiful Butterflies
  • Grades 7 & 8, Confirmation Class
  • Senior Youth (grades 9-12)

On Sunday mornings, children have an opening with songs, birthdays, and baptismal celebrations.  We give visitor bags for first time guests, and you may enroll your child.  We have monthly schedules for the children to acolyte and collect offering; they love to do this.

Our program uses information and ideas from Northwestern and Concordia Publishing Houses.  There is a wealth of information on their website and a bunch of free guides to use in your own home, please check them out by going to  or .

If you have any questions regarding our Sunday School Program, please contact Sharon Rubia – 727-992-1974 or by calling the church office 727-849-4418. We hope to see you on Sunday mornings!