Commitment Card #4 (final) – His Treasures

Friends, this is the last of the four cards we are asking you to fill out for commitment weekend on January 30th/31st.  This card (which will be colored green at church) is the one that would be most familiar to you, as we ask what you are going to commit to the Lord in your treasures, first-fruits and offerings for 2016.  But PLEASE read what follows.

Between now and Commitment weekend, prayerfully complete your four cards.  Remember to please write your commitment twice on two different cards.  You may now cut the cards into individual cards.  You should then have two filled-out sets of cards.  We ask you to please keep one in your home in a prominent place throughout this year.

As for the second set, whether you use the envelope supplied by the church or provide your own, please place one set of cards in the envelope and seal.  We then ask you to address the envelope to yourself at the place you will be in early October.  On Commitment weekend, we will come forward in worship and place our commitment envelopes in the church box in the usual fashion.  But then, in early October, the church will place a stamp on your envelope and mail it back to you as a reminder of what you committed yourself to for 2016.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that at no time will the cards be opened or seen by anyone at church.  These cards are for the two most important people in your life in terms of commitment – yourself and your Savior.

Remember again the richness of all the gifts God gives and pray about how you are going to both give back and be a steward of all of that throughout this year.

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