Latest Notes from the Desk of Pastor Wenndt – September 2015

Pastor Wenndt is accustomed to publishing single paragraph summaries of upcoming events in various formats like newsletters and so forth.  While much more will be published on many of these shortly, what follows is a summary of some highlights in the weeks to come.  Please take note of the following:

  • NEW MEMBER CLASSES CONCLUDE AND BEGIN: The next edition of our “Church Information and New Member Class” will begin at the end of this month. This class serves two purposes. First, it gives members and non-members alike a chance to learn or review what the church is all about, what it believes and stands for, and how that will play out in congregational life. A second purpose would be a vehicle for considering possible church membership. The classes will run through the Fall on Tuesday evenings beginning at 6:30. There is still plenty of room for you. Not only is it a fun time for members meeting with me and growing in the Word, but it also gives us the opportunity to meet these new people, and allow them to feel a little more at home as they consider whether they will make this church their own. Pastor may be contacting some of you to join us for this in the weeks to come;
  • RETURN TO REGULAR SUNDAY SCHEDULE: Having already re-begun our Saturday evening worship, we will return to a schedule of two Sunday morning services beginning Sunday, September 13th. You can read the details (for communion and timing) in the September calendar. Also, even as Pastor Wenndt concludes his angels Bible Study, he begins a new one called, “Command of the Commandments”, which will begin late in the month. In fact, the adults will have a series of different morning studies they can be a part of – more details in the weeks to come. In addition, there are other Bible studies throughout the week, including a new monthly home study that Pastor will be organizing for Sunday nights beginning in October – more on that next month. The goal is that EVERYONE in the church will be growing in God’s Word somewhere, sometime, somehow. We hope you will add your name to that;
  • FAM–FEST AND FAMILY FEUD: One of the more unique and exciting events we have had in recent memory visits our Christian Life Center after late church on Sunday, October 11th. A local personality named Robb Smith, who also serves as a D.J. for weddings and many other events, will bring the actual game show FAMILY FEUD to our congregation. The afternoon will begin with a family–style meal, followed by an eight-team tournament of the well-known game show. There will also be fun events for the younger children, as well as a cotton candy machine for all ages. Tickets will officially go on-sale the evening of the “Child’s Hope” banquet on September 9th, and a link where you can reserve your spots will be on our website that same week. THE most important thing we need now (besides your willingness to join us for this really fun afternoon) is five-person teams to play Family Feud. The teams need not be an actual family (Five Teachers, Five People Named Bob, Five Redheads are all examples of teams), but we do need eight of them (forty people total) who will be willing to participate in the game which uses the actual Family Feud questions. The sign-up sheet for teams will be in the narthex on Sundays and with Pastor Wenndt during the week. By the way, if you are not interested in playing, it is always preferable to have many more people participating as members of the audience. It is an afternoon filled with fun, co-hosted by our MOCA committee. See one of them or Pastor for more details or for your tickets;
  • NEW CHURCH BULLETIN FORMAT: You may have noticed that the ‘Announcements’ Page’ has now been separated from the rest of the service folder. We understand that is the part you would most likely want to take home with you, so we have left it unstapled from the rest of the document. We have also moved the calendar to the front page, and will be preparing that page much later in the week than the rest of the bulletin. Deadlines remain unchanged, but it will help all of us to have that prepared a little closer to the day of worship, especially if any last-minute items do need to be added.
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