Prayers Requested for LC-MS President

LCMS President Matt Harrison

We have received word on Friday night that there was a major fire at the home of the President of our church body, the Rev. Matthew Harrison.  Word is that everyone in the family is safe, though one of the family pets was harmed.  The house is a total loss.

The news reminds us of the humanity of each of the people that serve us.  They indeed do face the same issues we do, and sometimes issues we would hope to not have to ever face.

Lord, we are grateful that you have kept President Harrison and his family safe during this time.  Be with them during the time that they are displaced.  Grant unto him an extra measure of your spirit as he continues to lead our church body under such circumstances.  Remind each of us that we live in a dangerous world, and that the only thing we can be sure of is Your grace, mercy, love and forgiveness.  Be with him, his family and all of us, for Jesus’ sake.  AMEN.

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