WITH THE RETURN TO SCHOOL APPROACHING (and apparently for real), we holding a drive to acquire school supplies for students returning to school.  These supplies will be distributed on the east side of the church after worship on Sunday, August 9th.  Brochures have been prepared and are being passed out in the community as we speak.  Here is the list of supplies we need (and at a time when you can find most of them “on sale”):  

     *#2 pencils;
     *Pencil bags;
     *Pink erasers;
     *Enclosed pencil sharpeners;
     *Thin dry erase markers;
     *Glue sticks;
     *Safety scissors;
On the “PLEASE DO NOT GET” list:
     *Mechanical pencils;
     *Colored pencils;
     *Pencil-top erasers (that slide over the actual eraser);
     *Pencil boxes;

     *Fat dry erase markers.

That gives us just over three weeks to supply what the church needs.  I can almost promise you that EVERYTHING we have donated will be given out.  Please help us as you can.  And yes, you can supply a cash donation and we will gladly get whatever we can with the funds.  THANK-YOU IN ADVANCE!
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