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Stewardship, 2023

Greetings in Christ, friends! Every now and then, I feel the urge to ask the question, “WHAT IS STEWARDSHIP?” Because when I hear others start talking about that term, even very recently, invariably they want to associate it with some or most of the following words: money, drive or campaign, pledges, commitment, obligation, Fall, managing. […]

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Faith Prepares for Ian

Friends in Christ – like everyone else in the area, we are preparing for what may very well be the most dangerous storm the area has had in just over a century. As of Tuesday morning, we can share the following: The ministries of Faith Lutheran Church will close at 12 Noon on Wednesday. The […]

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Our Christian Perspective In a World of Evil

Greetings in Christ, friends!  Memorial Day weekend has begun.  But even with what the weekend ordinarily includes, who ever would have thought that our nation would once again have to come to grips with another school shooting? And with the latest tragedy comes both the usual hand-wringing and the predictable finger-pointing – and an insistence […]

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HOLY WEEK 2022 – In View of God’s Mercy

Faith Lutheran begins its annual celebration of the most holy week of the entire church year on Sunday, April 10th. The children of Faith will sing in worship, and Faith Factor will make a rare Sunday appearance to help lead the music at our 10 AM worship service. But that is just the beginning of […]

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Introducing Our New Spiritual Assistants – Our Lay Deaconesses

As ministry continues to transform, both in the church, and as it exists within society, needs become greater. And the people that become downright essential to help deal with those needs change as well. At Faith Lutheran, we have begun a lay ministry “of women” and largely to the women of our congregation. While their […]

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