Effects of and Response to Hurricane Matthew

Even as Hurricane Matthew continues (just off-shore) up the eastern Florida coast, we are grateful that the Lord has largely spared both us and most of the cities to the east and south from the worst of the forecasts and prospects.  We will remain in contact with our fellow congregations east and north of us to see if there is anything they require.

Faith Lutheran has used the events of last year and this to continue to refine our disaster preparedness.  While no one can prepare for everything, it is our hope that we can effectively respond both to difficulties locally as well as those involving our sister churches.

We live in a dangerous and fallen world.  And Faith, sitting barely one mile from the Gulf of Mexico, is in as dangerous a place as any.  But we continue to look to ways to share the love of Christ both in good times and in bad.  

If anyone knows of people, families or churches affected by this storm, please let us know.  PEACE AND SAFETY to all of you!

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