Fam-Fest, 2017




Sunday, January 29th

Dinner at 12:00 p.m.

Game-show tournament begins at 1:30 p.m.

Is “Family Feud” really coming to Faith??

In a very real way, it is. One of New Port Richey’s most well-known D.J. companies, “Robb Smith Productions” is officially licensed with the game show, “FAMILY FEUD”.
This means that the name of the game can be legally used (as well as music, backgrounds, etc.) and all surveys have been conducted by the production staff of the actual game.

What is a “Family-Style” meal?

A family-style meal is one where families sit at large tables and all the courses of the meal are brought to the table in bowls or serving platters so that all present can serve themselves. It promotes mealtime as an experience to help families share in group eating situations and bond as a community.
Family style meals date back over a century to a time in America when the homes in some communities were built without kitchens. The meals were prepared twice daily in community kitchens, with families joining at meal-time sitting at long tables eating and socializing together.

Is there a charge for the meal?

This meal is being provided as an outreach of Faith Lutheran Church and some special sponsors who will be identified at the festival. For members who are so moved, a free-will donation is encouraged so that we may do such events in the future. For everyone else, please enjoy the meal and the afternoon.

Can my “family” take part in the game show?  What do I need to do?

Family Feud will be played as an eight-team elimination tournament. Teams consist of five members each. But what consists of a five-person “family” can be anything — five members sharing the same family name, the same profession, the same first name, anything.
Please visit our website or call the church, (727) 849-4418, to register your team. Again, for members, we ask a $50 donation per team. For those from our community, we merely ask them to enjoy playing a game-show they have watched for years on television.
And yes, we need lots of people to serve as our audience to help fill in the surveys at the end of each question.

What is Fam-Fest?

Regardless of what dictionary is used, family is defined as, “the most fundamental social group of a society”. It is in what “family” has consisted of that has changed over the years.
But regardless of who is in your family, we wish to celebrate that FAMILY by inviting them to an afternoon with OUR family—a meal and a game everyone recognizes and loves to play.


Serving New Port Richey and the surrounding communities for 60 years, the “family of Faith” is committed to reaching out to God’s people in the area with a message of salvation and hope.

Located just three blocks north of Main Street and just east of U.S. 19, Faith’s mission is to, “Love Jesus and Make His Love Known.” Their vision is to, “Lead by example, share Christ’s love and serve the Lord with gladness while building bridges within our community to connect people with Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit”.

Following the Great Commission of Jesus Himself, it is our goal to reach out and make disciples—people who will themselves seek the lost, strengthen the weak and serve those in need while giving glory to God.

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