“Special, Not So Special, Special”

At the end of Moses’ long and storied life, the Scriptures say, “His eye was undimmed, and his vigor unabated” (Deuteronomy 34:7). Nevertheless, the day came for even Moses to lay down and let go of his life. Perched atop Mount Nebo, Moses may have reflected on the high points of his 120 years and the legacy he was leaving behind. But God had other matters for Moses’ attention: The Promised Land, where a greater prophet, God’s own beloved Son, Jesus, would be born, show the power and presence of God in His life and ministry, and then lay down His life so that all people might live through Him. At the edge of Moses’ life and death, God invited Moses to dwell not on the past, but to trust God’s promises for the future. Could Moses have known then that he would later speak with the Son of God atop the mountain on the day of Jesus’ transfiguration? In the same way, who knows what wonderful things are in store for people like us who trust God’s promises as Moses did? May God bless us in those same promises in worship this week.

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