Worst to First – Sinner to Salvation

The Pharisees thought that purity brings joy to God. Their entire practice of religion was based on purity. The pure ones were considered to be good, righteous, and close to God, even if they did not love or care one bit about their neighbors’ well–being. The impure ones were labeled “sinners.” So when Jesus came along and ate with sinners, it blew the Pharisees’ minds. How could someone who claims to be godly eat with sinners and expose Himself to such impurity? Jesus told two parables to explain, showing that Jesus and all of heaven rejoices when even one sinner is found and turns to God. The question for us today is will we grumble like the Pharisees, or will we participate in what Jesus is doing in the world to seek and find the lost, the strayed, the weak—and thereby bring joy to God.

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