Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Vigil, Son Rise and Festival Services

Maundy Thursday

March 29, 6:30 pm

Maundy Thursday will be an immersive time of worship. We will contemplate the time in the Upper Room and consider the drama that unfolded.  This will be a powerful time of worship as we gather in community, so we invite everyone to bring a friend.

Good Friday

March 30, noon & 6:30 pm

This compelling time of worship will focus on the significance of the cross, one of the most recognizable symbols of all times. This last service of Lent reminds us of Jesus’ crucifixion and how our sin individually and as a community continues to crucify the Body of Christ. Most often when we see a cross, it is empty; however, on Good Friday we see a cross filled with our sin…sin that we must recognize and confess. This will be a Service of Darkness.

Easter Weekend

March 31, 5:00 pm  |  April 1, 7:00 AM (Timber Green Golf Course), 8:00, 11:00 am

It is time to celebrate! The 40 days of Lent have led us to the resurrection of Jesus, the Messiah. We are planning a meaningful and powerful time of worship on Easter weekend. Saturday night our service begins with a brief Easter vigil and acclamation of baptism. From that moment, the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated, leading us directly to the risen Jesus’ presence with us in Holy Communion.  The next service is our Son Rise service which will be held at Timber Greens Golf Course on the 11th Fairway. This is an amazing time of worship as we greet the dawn with the Resurrection. We return to the church for the 8 am and 11 am Festival Worship. Christ has Risen, He has Risen Indeed! Come and celebrate this life-changing, transformational event. God’s word will be proclaimed and death will not have the final word on this day or any day!



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