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Worst to First – Sinner to Salvation

The Pharisees thought that purity brings joy to God. Their entire practice of religion was based on purity. The pure ones were considered to be good, righteous, and close to God, even if they did not love or care one bit about their neighbors’ well–being. The impure ones were labeled “sinners.” So when Jesus came […]

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The Ever – Growing, Never – Changing List

Jesus says, “Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth?  No, I tell you, but rather division”  (Luke 12:51)   But wait!  What about “Peace on earth, goodwill to all”?  Is not Jesus the Prince of Peace?  Indeed He is, and the kind of peace Jesus brings often makes people uncomfortable.  To […]

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Understanding the Understandable

The first Sunday after Pentecost is always Holy Trinity Sunday.  As we consider the Trinity, we do not attempt to define or explain God, but rather confess what He has revealed to us in Scripture.  He is one God in three persons.  His self–disclosure reveals Himself as the God who saves.  His delight is in […]

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Hearing What Is Not a Rumor

On this weekend – we recognize the Ascension of Christ into Heaven, we are reminded that the gathering of God’s people for worship is one of the ways through which Christ sustains His Body, the Church.  With Christ seemingly gone, at times it may seem that the Body of Christ is fighting a losing battle […]

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The Saddest Psalm ?? Hardly!

What do you wish for?  Most of us wish for an easier life, a better life, or in the case of “mom’s”, those very things for their children, grandchildren, step-children, etc.  But the life of a Christian faces tests and trials from a world as unfriendly to us as it was and is to Jesus.  […]

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