Board of Elders

The Board of Elders plan, promote and carry out, together with the pastor, a program of spiritual care for the welfare of all the members of the congregation. We encourage the pastor by word, action and prayer. The elders care for the spiritual, emotional, physical health and welfare of the pastor and his family. We assist pastor with difficult matters of the ministry. The elders assist the pastor, as needed, with visiting and communing members, who are shut-ins, hospitalized, in nursing homes and those in therapy for extended periods. We schedule worship and communion services in conjunction with the pastor. When our pastor is temporarily unavailable or away, we are here to provide pastoral care for our members.

The elders are available at all worship services to assist with immediate, private, spiritual guidance or personal concerns that may arise. If you are in need of spiritual assistance during the week, and pastor isn’t readily available, we can be contacted through the church office during normal working hours. As elders, we work strictly in confidentiality. We are here to serve and assist you as the need arises.

Current members are: Don Bauman, Robert Hackman, and Greg Brothers, assisted by Kenny Korchak and Jack Greenlee