60th Anniversary Celebration

This weekend as part of our 60th Anniversary  Celebration we would like to invite you to our two services first on Saturday Night at 5 PM in a contemporary style and then Sunday Morning at 10 AM in a traditional style.

This weekend we give to God our most humble thanks and praise that He has blessed this congregation for 60 years in His Name and service.  In particular, we celebrate God’s gift of faith – a faith that tells us who Jesus is and what He has done for us – even if, like in this weekend’s Gospel lesson, it takes place through eyes blinded by sin.  Through all these years, as members of the congregation called “FAITH”, we have always made it our goal from generation to preach, live and proclaim all that Christ has done – and we do so again today.  We welcome all of you to our services this weekend.  We also bring special welcome to our guest preacher, our former pastor, the Rev. Charles Lentner, now retired, who is gracing our presence this weekend.  We pray that God will be with all of you throughout your lives each day as He has been with us here at FAITH.

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