Easter Vigil

The Easter Vigil is one more dramatic way of telling the old, old story. The readings provided have that very idea in mind as they tell the story of salvation history.  The readings are tailored specifically for this moment and this night. 

We gather together dramatically in the dark of the sanctuary, which is still appropriately darkened from Good Friday, and in distinction from the day which is getting darker and darker during the night, the church becomes brighter and brighter by the light of Christ. The increasing light of Christ is representative of the resurrection of Christ. 

We gather together not to say what we have done in our past Holy Week’s was not important–or that other services throughout the year are not important–but we gather together to say with dramatic importance that the whole story of God and his people comes to its culmination on this night; the night Jesus rose from the dead. The reason this night and this service–as opposed to other nights and other services–is “most important” is exactly because on this night we tell the story of the death of Death.

This night, the night before the morning of the resurrection, is the most holy of all nights. This is the first day, when light was spoken into darkness. This is the night of the Passover, when the children of Israel walked through blood-stained wood into freedom. This is the night that Israel walked through sea on dry ground. This is the night the crucified Lamb declares the victory of His cross. This is the night when the chains of death are broken and light breaks out in the darkness of the grave.

Our deaths and our lives are caught up with this Jesus who stares death in the face and, though he dies for a time, prevails over it. Please feel free to join us for this important service on Saturday at 5 pm.

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