Introducing Our New Spiritual Assistants – Our Lay Deaconesses

As ministry continues to transform, both in the church, and as it exists within society, needs become greater. And the people that become downright essential to help deal with those needs change as well.

At Faith Lutheran, we have begun a lay ministry “of women” and largely to the women of our congregation. While their duties have not yet been written in stone – and while each one of them (there are four for now) has a unique set of spiritual gifts, they provide needed assistance in areas where it is becoming more and more problematic to ask men to do so.

These women have also helped our congregation by providing visits, daily spiritual vignettes, and guidance in matters of preparation that show both a faith-based and creative heart. While their roles have little to nothing in common with the elders – the directors of the spiritual life of the congregation – they meet with the elders on occasion to make sure that the spiritual needs of the people of this church are being met in as many ways as possible.

I personally thank them for their service – and their willingness to do more. Who knows – you might start seeing them making some appearances on this website – something everyone would welcome.

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