Worship and Activities WILL Continue As Scheduled For Now

Friends, while most members have already been informed of this, after careful consideration of what is taking place, the size of our gatherings and the precautionary steps we are already taking, a decision has been made to continue our regular schedule for services and activities, especially the ones on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. 

For those who do not receive our communications, here are some steps we are taking:

  • AFTER EVERY GATHERING, meeting and whatever else, we are cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, areas, chairs, doorknobs, light fixtures and whatever else.  That is in addition to the thorough twice-weekly cleaning and disinfecting that goes on at the church;
  • IN WORSHIP, we have suspended use of the common cup (chalice) in communion, except for intinction (dipping the host/wafer in the cup) and also for the institution of the elements;
  • WE HAVE DISCONTINUED the shaking of hands with the Greeting of the Peace, and have moved it to the end of the service, as people are departing.  This change may be permanent;
  • OFFERINGS will now be brought to the aisles and placed into plate brought by the ushers.  Plates will no longer be passed;
  • WE HAVE PLACED SANITATION SUPPLIES in any convenient place we can, adding extra soap and towels in the washrooms, kleenex in any number of locations, and disinfecting wipes in selected spots for use after each event;
  • OUR FOOD BANK is now on a “basic serve and fill” process to help people with food as necessary.  Clients will no longer be taken into the various areas of the church;
  • OUR FOOD SERVERS, especially on Wednesdays are using gloves with a strict sanitation protocol.  Our tableware is all disposable, and all serving and eating areas are being cleaned and disinfected after each use;
  • LASTLY, if there is ANY question of the health of people, or concern about all that is happening, do not feel guilt in staying home, for a week or whatever.

THERE IS MORE, but you get the idea.  If we are ORDERED by government to shut down, we will have to comply.  But for now, we believe the steps we are taking are more than adequate, especially since we are not the large gathering we may have been at one time.

SO PLEASE JOIN US.  Worship is Saturdays at 5 PM, Sundays at 8 and 11 AM.  And there is a free meal and worship in our Christian Life Center each Wednesday through April 1st with the meal at 6:30 PM, and a Lenten Worship at 7:15 PM.

GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU with His strength, healing and comfort.


Rev. Thomas R. Wenndt – Pastor

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