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The Family of Faith

Volume 1 • Issue V | 2015 With recent rulings by various courts on marriage and other matters, the whole question of, “What Is a Family?” has garnered a lot of attention.  Among the many definitions to be found in dictionaries and other sources, this one is typical: “The basic unit in society traditionally consisting […]

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The Best View

Volume 1 • Issue II | 2015 How many of you got to go to “Chasco Fiesta”?  Even if you’ve lived here for a long time, and are starting to feel a certain sameness in it, year in and year out, it is still fun to attend.  And if you were like me, getting to […]

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Bulletins Back Online ! ! !

Please check out the Service Bulletins page for weekly updates. They’re back online and ready for presentation.

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Congregation Assembly Meeting

Will be held this Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 12:15pm. Voting for incoming Officers and Board of Directors will take place. Please plan to attend and make your vote count!

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I’m Me

Volume 1 • Issue 1 | 2015 Greetings, to the FAITH-ful flock here at New Port Richey and to anyone else spying out “the new guy”.  After a long period in which God guided your church without a pastor, it is good to finally be sharing this with you. Whenever a church gets a new pastor, […]

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