Calling and Praising What You Can’t See

Although it has not happened much in the last couple of years, there are some church festivals and recognitions that are assigned a certain day on the calendar.  If it is an important day and falls on a Sunday, we will take the opportunity to recognize it.  Today is one of those days, as September 29th is when we remember the role of angels in our lives.  When we think of angels, we often think of the messengers of the Good News during the time of Jesus, or the invisible beings that protect us in life.  But one critical role played by angels was protecting and defending the kingdom of Heaven against Satan and the evil angels.  The chief angel, St. Michael, led the fight that has given us the entry into Heaven through faith and has made Satan powerless.  As we spend time today focusing on angels, may all they are and do guide us in and from worship this weekend and throughout our lives.

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