Can You Hear Me Now - BWe have recently updated and added some new technological equipment to our sanctuary for the purpose of enhancing the worship experience for God’s people.  Some of the most recent changes include updated LED lighting in the chandeliers, new PowerPoint projectors, and a new home for the Praise-and-Worship Music team.  But the most exciting addition is new hearing loops throughout the sanctuary for our hard-of-hearing.

While even those with standard, basic hearing aids will notice a difference, the biggest upgrades are for those who wear the special headphones, as well as those who have a ‘T-coil switch’ in their hearing aids (many of today’s hearing aids do).  For the latter, all you need to do is touch the switch once you sit down in your pew, and you will be connected directly into the church sound system.  Early feedback on this is amazingly positive.

The church will have a training for those with the ‘T-coil switches’ in the weeks to come.  If you are not sure whether you do or not, come to the training, where it can be explained.  Watch the website for more details and scheduling.

We thank the charitable donors who made this possible.

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