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We wish to thank everyone who directed their Thrivent Choice contributions to Faith Lutheran Church.  The generosity of each of you, along with this special program from Thrivent, have made the new sanctuary projectors possible.  And this is just the beginning of what this special program can do.’

For those who are members of Thrivent, meaning you have either insurance, investments or other such things through them, who do not know what this program is, it is a benevolent program which gives you an allowance (based on how much business you do with them) each year to designate to any charitable organization you wish.  This does not come off your investments or earnings but allows you to share in Thrivent’s generosity with such groups.

For those who are not members of Thrivent, we will have some special Thrivent education nights in the months to come.  You can learn more about them at that time.

Please remember that such Thrivent choice dollars are earned EVERY YEAR, but must also be designated every year.  Contact your Thrivent agent or log on to for more on your choice dollars.

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