Growing with Faith

olympics2014If you have been watching the Winter Olympics as I have you know the level of competition among the athletes is very high.

The United States had big hopes for Shaun White and his snowboarding skills. He had won two consecutive gold medals and was expected to win his third straight. How unfortunate for Shaun, Louri Podladtchikov, the Russian-born inventor of the “Yolo” won the gold, and two Japanese athletes won silver and bronze; Shaun finished fourth with no medal.

Then there is:

  1. Shani Davis was the American favorite to win his third gold medal in the 1,000 meter speed skating event and become the first ever to do so.
  2. Stafan Goothuis, at the age of 32 became the oldest speed skater to win a gold medal at this event for the Netherlands.
  3. Kaitlyn Farrington winning the gold in the women’s halfpipe posting a score of 91.75 just a fraction ahead of Australian Torah Bright’s 91.50.

Each day brings more excitement. I just wish there were no commercials. But the DVR is a big help! This Sunday we will look at I Samuel 17 and the epic confrontation between David and Goliath. Yes, you know who won, but do you understand what, when, and why that event takes place in your life?

See you Sunday, with no commercials, and the singing of “A Mighty Fortress”
Pastor Kuehn, Vacancy Pastor



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