Lent 2016 – Questioned for Christ

Because Easter is so early this year, the beginning of Lent is already approaching quickly.

As we prepare, there are two items we need to pay attention to:

  • Our theme for this year is, “Questioned for Christ”.  Each of our Wednesday worship services, as well as all of our services for Holy Week from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday, will feature a dramatic “interrogation” by two temple guards (one “good cop” and one “bad cop”) on one or more of the main figures of the story of the crucifixion of Jesus.  WE WILL NEED VOLUNTEERS both to serve as our two weekly “interrogators” as well as people willing to play those people being interrogated.  A sign-up sheet is being posted in Narthex #2 – please consider helping us for this;
  • During the season of Advent, Faith published its own devotional, with information about our church both inside and outside the booklet.  We will be doing that again for the season of Lent.  This year’s devotional is entitled, “LOVE’S GREATEST SACRIFICE.”  Copies will be available at all worship services by January 22nd.  You may take as many as you need for your neighbors, friends or whomever.

Remember – Ash Wednesday is February 10th.  More details on Lent will follow in the coming weeks.

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