Stewardship Month at Faith

In January’s “Pastor’s Corner”, Pastor Wenndt discusses what stewardship is in the Christian life.  Indeed, it affects EVERY aspect of our lives.

As a part of this month-long focus, Pastor Wenndt will be using the five weekends we have in January to preach a series of messages on some of the various aspects of the topic of stewardship.  We invite you to join us each weekend on the following themes:

  • January 2nd/3rd:  FAITH  –  GOD’S  TRUE  GIFT;
  • January  9th/10th:  FAMILY  –  GOD’S  GREATEST  GIFT  TO  SHARE  HIS  GRACE;
  • January 16th/17th:  FREEDOM TO FOCUS  –  GOD’S  PURPOSE;
  • January  23rd/24th:  FINDING  GOD’S  TRUE  TREASURE  –  “WHAT  THEN”?;
  • January 30th/31st:  COMMITMENT SUNDAY.

In addition, each week, there will be a (colored) commitment card to fill out on the specific area discussed on that Sunday.  As those sermons are delivered, we will update the website with an on-line copy of the latest card which you can download and fill out yourself, if you were not in worship that weekend.

If you did not receive the instructions regarding these cards, please note that the same thing is printed on both sides of the card.  We ask you to write the exact same thing on both sides of the card.  You may write on the back if you need more space.  Please then either cut or tear the cards in half on the line, and save both copies.

On January 30th and 31st, we ask you to bring all of those commitment cards to church.  If you do not have an envelope from church, please address an envelope to yourself and bring it to church that day.  We will have further instructions on those cards in the service that day.

May God bless our efforts as we give back faithfully and generously of all that He has given us.


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